“On your Earth live doubles of our people on Gaiia. And on our Gaiia live doubles of you inhabitants of the Earth.”


Our planet has a parallel world...

A philosophical futuristic novel based criticising the status quo of the society. Earth is introduced to its parallel sister planet named GAIIA where its people managed to transform their planet’s fate into utopia.

"Since joule is an absolute measurement unit, binding of money unit to a certain amount of energy will ensure the stability of the new currency, as well as transparency in the formation of its value."


Economic reform book

HERMES Economic Model is based on the idea that everything in the world has an energy value, and that this value can be measured and exchanged in a fair and transparent way. HERMES seeks to create a new economic model that respects the environment, supports social justice, and fosters innovation and creativity.

"I propose her name to be Gaiia. I believe she should have her own anthem and flag. She should hold her own table where the world comes to make decisions. Because we cannot value what we do not name, and this home we all share should be highly valued. We are children of Gaiia, and we keep her interests at heart."


The GAIIA Philosophy explained

A comprehensive publication on the GAIIA philosophy, the objectives of the GAIIA Organisation and a theoretical introduction to the novel GAIIA economic and monetary system, including the GAIIA Coin.

"Every economic transaction is a trade between the human and the nature. What we take from nature – should be given back."


Economic reform book

An academic publication introducing the aspect of energy in economy and presenting a new economic system and Universal Measurement of Value as an addition to the GDP.

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