based on the novel by Hares Youssef


An ambitious couple is chosen by the leader of a parallel Earth to save humanity from climate and societal collapse.


This is the story of disgraced journalist John Aulde, and his wife, tech founder Alice Cormac-Moss who, after surviving a near-nuclear clash between world powers, are contacted by the denizens of a utopian parallel earth called Gaiia. The Gaiian’s enigmatic leader, Yelena, offers the couple the chance to learn from her world to save their own…

In the last century, you and we both fell under the spell of the city, accompanied by the advent of the industrial revolution. But we managed to free ourselves from it, but you... You let the city absorb you. It's no longer you who control the industrial trend, it controls you. You've completely lost contact with each other and with yourselves. You're lost.

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