The Gaiia Foundation is an international organization that works to create a more caring society and a sustainable future for us and future generations. It is based on the idea that our planet is a living being that deserves respect, protection, and representation.

The Gaiia Foundation was established in 2018 by Hares Youssef, a visionary entrepreneur and philanthropist. Hares Youssef was born in Syria into a very poor family, but he managed to overcome many challenges and achieve success in the fields of digital economics, media, and art. However, he felt that something was missing in his life, and he started to question the meaning and purpose of his existence.

He realized that he wanted to use his talents and resources to make a positive difference in the world, and he began to explore various ways of doing so. He was inspired by the works of futurist thinkers, who envisioned the potential and impact of artificial intelligence on humanity and the planet. He was also influenced by the teachings of spiritual leaders, who emphasized the importance of compassion, gratitude, and harmony.

He decided to combine these two perspectives and create a new vision for the future, one that would enhance the well-being of all living beings. He named this vision GAIIA, which sounds the same in all languages and represents the unity and diversity of life on Earth.

He wrote a philosophical futuristic novel called GAIIA, which explores the idea of giving our planet a name and a legal entity, as well as the ethical, social, political, and economic implications of this radical idea. He also founded the Gaiia Foundation, which supports various projects and programs that aim to implement his vision.

The Gaiia Foundation is the successor of the 40 Foundation, which was founded by Hares Youssef in 2008. The 40 Foundation was named after the number of days that passed after the death of Youssef’s father, when he realized how many people came to pay their respects and express their gratitude for his father’s kindness and generosity. Youssef was inspired by his father’s legacy and decided to dedicate himself to philanthropy.

The 40 Foundation aimed to support various causes and initiatives, especially in the field of education, culture, and social development. The foundation also sought to promote and explore contemporary Arab thought and identity, as well as to foster dialogue and cooperation among different cultures and civilizations.

Some of the projects and initiatives supported by the Gaiia Foundation include:

  • Giving our planet a name, a legal status, a voice, and a vote in the United Nations.

  • Creating a global co-funding system based on complete data transparency.

  • Supporting the innovative research and solutions.

  • Honoring the outstanding achievements of individuals or organizations who develop innovative solutions that address the societal and environmental challenges in the world.

  • Improving the quality of life for all living beings through projects such as the right to clean air, the gratitude economy, and the digital democracy.

GAIIA is more than just a vision or an organization. It is a movement that invites everyone to join and contribute to creating a more caring society and a sustainable future.​

Hares Youssef

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