GAIIA is a vision, a new philosophy, a new technology, a new movement, and a new world. GAIIA is based on the idea that the Earth is a living being, and that we have a responsibility to care for it and for each other. Gaiia also emphasizes the importance of empathy as the key to understanding and appreciating the value of life. Gaiia advocates for living in harmony with nature and adopting sustainable practices in all aspects of human activity.


GAIIA values are the foundation of Gaiia’s philosophy, economy and movement. They reflect Gaiia’s vision and mission of creating a more caring society and a sustainable future for us and future generation. They also reflect GAIIA'S core values and principles, which are based on the idea that we are responsible for everything that we give to and take from this world.

I want everybody to end the hamster wheel economy and take the opportunity to realize their most profound potential. Each of us is born with talents, with unique gifts, but faced with the system, we become slaves.

Hares Youssef


GAIIA follows ten core principles that guide its vision and actions:

Unite with the Planet

We honor and revere GAIIA, by recognizing her intrinsic value and ensuring she has a voice in every decision made. We pronounce her name with respect and gratitude, and we acknowledge her as the overarching entity that encompasses all life forms and scales.

Embrace the New Era

We understand the world’s shift to a new era, where economy and ecology must intertwine, and we are adaptable to this new reality. We are open to change and innovation, and we are ready to face the challenges and opportunities that arise.

Value Beyond Materialism

We move beyond traditional paradigms like capitalism and communism, and we recognize the need for an economic system that values ecology and well-being. We seek to create a more balanced and holistic society, where material wealth is not the only measure of success and happiness.

Promote Genuine Goodness

We encourage and support those who genuinely want to do good, ensuring that the economic system rewards genuine altruism. We celebrate and appreciate the positive impact that people make on themselves, on others, and on the environment.

Integrate Money & Morality

We redefine the concept of value, intertwining monetary worth with ethical and ecological considerations. We use ecoism as the universal measurement of value, which reflects the true cost and benefit of any action or transaction. We facilitate and verify the exchange of goods and services in a fair and sustainable way.

Harness Technological Power

We utilize the potential of new technologies in an ethical and ecological manner to facilitate and strengthen the movement towards unity with Gaiia. We use AI as a tool for empowerment, education, communication, collaboration, and creativity. We also use AI as a guardian of Gaiia’s interests, ensuring that human actions are aligned with her principles.

Adopt Transparent Value Systems

We embrace transparency in every transaction, ensuring that every economic action aligns with ecological and ethical principles. We provide clear and accurate information about the impact and outcome of any action or transaction. We also monitor and prevent any fraud or abuse of the system.

Empower with Purpose

We recognize the power of purpose-driven actions and initiatives, and we promote a culture where purpose is valued above profit. We help people discover their purpose, passions, talents, and goals. We also connect people with others who share their purpose, and to provide them with opportunities to fulfill their potential.

Foster Collective Effort

We understand that collective effort is the only key to making lasting change. We facilitate and enhance cooperation and collaboration among people and communities. We also coordinate and optimize the collective actions and initiatives that aim to create a better world for themselves and for Gaiia.

Share & Gain

We adopt an economy that believes in the principle of “share more to gain more,” ensuring that generosity and community are at the heart of every transaction. We enable people to share their resources, skills, knowledge, ideas, experiences, etc., with others who need them or can benefit from them. We also ensure that people gain from their sharing, not only in terms of money, but also in terms of happiness, well-being, satisfaction, recognition, etc.

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