We believe that the Earth is a living being that nurtures and sustains all life forms. We believe that we are part of this living system, and that we have a responsibility to care for it and for each other. We believe that we can create a more caring society and a sustainable future by using the power of AI.



Giving our planet a name​

A global initiative that aims to create a more caring society and a sustainable future by using the power of artificial intelligence. It is based on the idea that our planet is a living being that deserves respect, protection, and representation.


Awarding philanthropy​

GAIIA Charity Awards are a prestigious award that honors the outstanding achievements of individuals or organizations who develop innovative solutions that address the societal and environmental challenges in the world and benefit the population.


Connecting transparently​

GAIIA PLATFORM is a revolutionary project that aims to create a global co-funding system based on complete data transparency. It is a platform that allows users to monetize their social media capital and data, and to participate in the ownership and governance of the platform.

“I speak as a planetary physician whose patient, the living Earth, complains of fever; I see the Earth's declining health as our most important concern, our very lives depending upon a healthy Earth. Our concern for it must come first, because the welfare of the burgeoning mass of humanity demands a healthy planet.”

What we are working on now



Series based on the GAIIA Novel

An ambitious couple is chosen by the leader of a parallel Earth to save humanity from climate and societal collapse. The series shows us the crucial decisions they have to make that will determine the destiny of both worlds. The series is based on the GAIIA Novel, written by Hares Youssef in 2020.


Literature expanding the GAIIA philosophy

Books that elaborate on ECOISM and GAIIA principles in more detail:

"GAIIA" Novel: A philosophical futuristic novel,
"GAIIA Movement": The GAIIA Philosophy explained and
"GAIIANOMY": An academic publication introducing the aspect of energy in economy and presenting a new economic system.


Ecological coin

An ecological, sustainable coin that motivates people to participate in creating favourable ecosystems. Gaiia is a personal purpose coin supporting full fundraising transparency. Each person not only binds the coin to their name but must set a purpose for it, using various forms of charity: payment for medical services, ecology, or helping animals. Transparency is the main priority of the project. Therefore, all Gaiia Coin buyers automatically become the owners of Gaiia Communication Platform shares.


Social Media Interview show​

A weekly educational show social media to communicate GAIIA values in an entertaining way to global audiences. The guests of the interview show are inspiring people working on sustainable and impactful projects.​


Childrens' novel educational system

Paideums are a system of children’s paradise where they can reveal their inner potential. They are part of the GAIIA Foundation’s projects, which aim to create a better future for humanity and the planet.


A research and analytical center

An analytical center that will include leading economists, thinkers, scientists, and others, whose task will be to solve the global problems facing humanity. It is one of the projects of the GAIIA Foundation, that supports various projects related to education, culture, science, and technology.

4+1 System

A system for trustworthy connections

A system of social communication that forms the basis of the idea of the total digitalisation of society. The system’s objective is to generate trustworthy connections and social capital. The power of social capital can improve human’s well-being, health, education, and economic opportunities.


Social platform for neighborhoods

A new app and social platform for neighborhoods that will bring people together in their homes, especially in times when social distancing and isolation are common. A new private social network allows users to connect with their neighbors, help each other, share interests, news, events, recommendations, and alerts.


Smart navigation system

The Gaiia Traffic system is a navigation system that requires all car drivers to provide complete information about the route of their journey so that the internal algorithms of the system can prevent traffic jams and road accidents. Using AI, real-time traffic, destination entry, and voice control, we aim to develop a smart and user-friendly navigation system that can help drivers plan and optimize their journeys.

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